Sunday, January 9, 2011

How can I convince my parents to let me be an actress?


First of all, i love your website! its given me so much insight about acting. i couldn't stop reading! I visit this website everyday. I want to know how to have my parents support me in my interest in acting. Having them realize how important this is to me and how i want to give it my all to become an actress. I have little or no support. I'm 16 going on 17 and they don't take my passion for acting seriously. Every time i suggest having me take acting classes and seminars, they look the other way or just don't care about it. I feel like its going to be too late since I wanted to start early and young age. I know how beneficial that may be. I have all this opportunity to go out and gain the experience, but they won't help me in doing so. Please help me get my parents to understand. I really need their support to help me become the passionate, aspiring actress that i know i can be. thanks.


Thank you for your kind words about my site. I'm glad you find it helpful.
I can suggest to you two things.
1. I put together two pages on the site about how to increase your chances of convincing your parents.

Read them both! It's not that you will necessarily be able to convince them 100%, but you will have a much better possibility if you do what I say in those pages.

2. Another thing you could do is to take them to this page and look at it together: Maybe if you involve them in a way other than just saying, "I want to be an actress.", it might have a better chance of working for you.

The last thing I will tell you is that if you actually show them that you are serious about what you say you want, that will be stronger than any words you could possibly say.

I hope this helps. By the way, I am creating a product that will be available online soon about how to convince people of things. Keep checking for updates on that.

Good luck!


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