Sunday, January 9, 2011

How can I audition for Disney if I live in South Africa?

The Question:

I would like to know if I can audition for Disney even if I'm a South African?


first of all, thank you for visiting my site and for having faith that I can answer your questions.
Now to your question.

If you want to be on Disney, it will be a lot easier to have a chance if you are in Los Angeles. All the information I have about Disney Channel and where to find auditions, I have on this page:

If I were you, I would just try to start getting some acting experience where you are now. There are bound to be some acting schools where you can start out. Because even if you would contact someone from Disney and send them a picture, they have lots of girls already right there in LA, so you should at least know how to act and have some acting experience. Check out these acting schools in South Africa:

One more page you might find interesting is this one about how to make the money you need to be able to get to LA one day.

And this one about how to plan your trip and VISA information for the United States:

Good luck and stay in touch with Some of the information I send out, just might help you to reach your dream!


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