Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Question: How Do I Get Famous?



Fame is a consequence and not a goal. It's the consequence of a lot of hard work.
Instead of asking how to get famous, it would be better if you asked how you can really become a good actress. It's much more solid and grounded and it will inevitably get you further.

Have you been in any acting classes yet?

Let's say for example you get discovered, meaning that someone sees you and thinks you have an interesting look and that person is looking for someone who not only looks good, but who can act and dance and sing.
They call you in for an interview and ask you to do a monologue or sing a song.
What now???
You see? You need to be prepared FIRST!
And if you really want to become famous, the base MUST be hard work and skill and talent and THEN MAYBE, JUST MAYBE fame will come even if it is unlikely.

Start at the beginning and build a base and then try and POSITION yourself to be discovered. Again, fame will be the result of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Have a look at this page on my site for new and aspiring actors. It has links to 23 different pages that have to do various aspects of starting an acting career like thoughts on becoming famous, choosing a school, benefits of taking classes, finding an agent, industry resources and more.

Take the time to do the work in the beginning, be patient, work hard, be curious and learn as much as you can. One day you will be glad you did!

Good luck!


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