Monday, June 9, 2008

Acting Headshots???((Retouching))?

I am taking a photoshoot next week. Im a beginner. The rate im paying is $125 for 1-hour session, 50 shots, and 1 image lightly retouched. I want to add other headshots. About how much more images out of the 50 shots should I Retouched. I need some advice please!


Headshots can be tricky if you are not guided in the right direction.

Two questions I have in my mind are:
1. Have you had any acting training at all yet?
2. How good is your head shot photographer?
3. What will you use the pictures for?

The reason I ask is, if you haven't taken any acting classes yet, then it might be too early to think about head shots. Why? Because (and now moving into the next point) if your photographer isn't good enough or professional enough or is only interested in making a buck, then you risk having pictures that are not very good, emotionless and that don't bring out the best in you, because you don't know how to "own" the camera.
The third point is, if you are truely a beginner and are going after a legit or commercial agent, what will you do if you get called in to meet them? Are you ready for that?

If you already have the pictures, which it seems that you do, have a look at this page on retouching. I interviewed a New York retouching specialist for my site for new and aspiring actors who talks about the retouching process and how much retouching is too much.

Also have a look at this page!!
This is a whole section on head shots, how to get the best ones, how to make sure that you get the right head shot photographer for you, the right questions to ask, how to evaluate which head shot photographer to use, and so on.

Good luck!


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