Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Question: Do you know of any interesting ways to get an acting agent?


The first thing I started to do before I even thought about getting an agent was to start training. I realized that if I started contacting agents before I was ready, that once I got an interview and they asked me to do a monologue, that I had to be ready. I had to know how to act, at least a little.
I also started finding out what agents really look for in an actor and why agents are in business, what they would expect from me once they decided to sign me.
I also knew that it was important for me to understand what my type was, so that all my marketing efforts were funneled in the same direction.
Once I started to do those things, I then began to find out which agents cater to my type, which agents were actually looking for someone like me. I looked at the Ross Reports and another publication called New York Agencies and found everything I needed.
I learned how to write a good cover letter, learned how to put together my resume and how to get really professional looking headshots taken and then I started systematically mailing the agents I was interested in working with.
In this way I ended up getting three agents to work with me in a short period of time.

If you are one of the many young kids going directly from "I wanna be an actress." to "How do I get an agent?"


That's not a winning strategy. Make sure that when you spend time and money to make all your materials, that someone will want to actually look at them!

Have a look at this page on my site for new and aspiring actors. It has 23 links to different pages that have to do with aspects of starting an acting career, including how to get an agent, how to get really good head shots, how much your acting career will cost along with other things you might find helpful. www.actingcareerstartup.com/teen_acting.html

To go directly to a page that gives you a 12 step method to getting an agent, click on this link below:


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