Saturday, November 24, 2007

Question: How Can I Become Famous?

Fame is not a goal, it is the consequence of hard work, sacrifice, drive, determination, motivation, perseverance, ability to overcome the effect that continuous rejection can have, ability to sell yourself and make contacts in the industry and last but not least, the level of motivation you have to become the best possible actor that you can be. Becoming a good actor, studying hard to do that and to stay sharp should be your number one priority.

What's the one thing that will push you to do all those things above? Your LOVE for acting.

Without that, you won't enjoy it. You won't have much fun and you will become just another statistic; another person who had a dream of becoming FAMOUS first and who puts everything else second. You'll be just another drop-out in the world of acting, another youngster, with big eyes, who SAID that he wanted to be a famous actor without really realizing what being an actor, day to day really means, without realizing what you must go through just to get to be a WORKING actor, much less famous. Most of the time, what happens is that after they find out what it really means, for a while when asked they keep on saying that they are an actor or that they are pursuing acting. After a time of that, they devote their lives to something else, because they are not willing to go the distance and do what's necessary. It's too difficult.

Am I trying to paint a dismal picture? No. If I could, I would conduct a big academy for all the youngsters who say what you said and I would take you all through the whole process of what it means. I would have industry experts for you to talk to as well as actors of all types and experiences. When you would leave that academy, you would know what it really means to work as an actor. In the meantime I have created a couple of resources to understand better. Have a look at this link to see some of the issues that actors face just to get work, much less to become famous: and watch the video.

Fame and money are consequences, not goals.So now the question back to you?

What is it that you really want?


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