Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Positive Side Of The Writers' Strike

While I totally sympathize with the writers, who are under paid and somewhat taken advantage of, I try to find the positive side of everything.

In this case, I hope that the writers get what they want and what they truely deserve for the great work they do.

In addition, I think that this strike represents an opportunity for us actors.
This is a great time during the work slow down to take that class you've been wanting to take, get those new headshots, get that reel done or basically just catch up on the things ou've been needing to do for your business. Remember, it is a business that you are running!

Are you treating your acting career like a business or are you just taking whatever work comes along? Are you continuing to do background work, because it's been easy to get? Because it's comfortable? Because the background casting agency knows you and calls you in all the time? Or are you going for the gusto and going after roles that you are perfectly capable of performing? You're not?
Would you like to know how to do that and how to take control of your career instead of letting someone else control it for you?

On the site you can find 10 of the 21 business skills that are in my book Acting Career Start-Up.

Another link you might find interesting is this one: 29 ways to promote yourself in your acting career.

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