Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Auditions For The Disney Channel

The best, easiest and quickest way to get auditions for the Disney Channel is to go out and get yourself an agent. For this purpose it is helpful to know that there are two main categories of talent agents out there; one for TV and film and one for commercials. If you are a young performer who is looking for a Disney Channel audition it is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with both in your area so you can be available for all the opportunities. This is a good idea considering that a lot of Disney performers have skills that are not limited just to acting- they can also sing and dance and often lend their voices to animated characters. There are specific agents that look after these areas and down the track you may want to consider having separate agents if you want to work in more than one field.

But first when considering auditions for the Disney Channel, remember when you are looking for an agent you have a better chance of getting signed if you have a professional headshot and resume and have taken some classes or participated in training. All of this shows you have some experience in the field that you are hoping to break into. You could take private singing lessons, join your local youth theatre group or even work as an extra to get experience in a professional environment. These are all ways of giving yourself necessary exposure, just keep in mind that when you do meet with an agent you should always take a parent or guardian with you and you should never be expected to give them any money up front. Agents take a cut from what you earn so they don’t get any money until you do.

In the meantime there are some skills you can work on so that when you get your chance (either with an agent or for an audition) you are ready. You should work on having some monologues that you really like at a performance level (meaning you have put work into them or have worked on them with an acting coach). Keep in mind that your monologues should show off your best abilities and, if you have more than one, you should try and show your range. Be sure that you don't make the same mistakes that many actors make when performing their monologues!

If you do get called in for an appointment or for auditions for the Disney Channel always be on time, be polite and thank people for their time. Casting directors (who run auditions) and agents normally have so many people to see on any given day that thanking them for the time they took to see you is a habit you should get into. And finally, don’t take it personally! If an agent decides not to sign you or you don’t get an audition there are plenty more out there for you, keep working hard on your skills and always keep a positive spirit about you. Performing is fun and agents want to work with actors who have a good energy and enthusiasm about them.

If you choose to seek out a career with Disney on your own then try checking for open calls: where and when they are happening, without an agent it is up to you to keep up to date with your research. You also might want to consider starting your career performing with Disney through their corporate and commercial projects. You can find out all about auditions for these enterprises (including their theme parks all over the world) here:


Working in this area of Disney requires performers who have skills in acting, dancing, singing and even character look-a-likes. Sophie Monk who has starred in Date Movie, Click and an episode of Entourage got her start at a Disney theme park performing as Marilyn Monroe. You never know how it will happen for you. See how your favorite Disney Channel stars got started.

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