Friday, April 4, 2008

Question: I am so blessed that I have found such an informative site like yours, but I have some questions about where to start.

I do have specific questions such as upon chosing an
acting class gaining experience how do I create a resume. Also I am
considering getting headshots done but should I get headshots before I
get experience? After gaining experience and headshots, and creating a
resume what specifically should I do?


Your question has confirmed an idea I have had for some time now about
helping people to know exactly where to start and how to make that clearer
for them.

Here you go. I will give you a series of pages to go visit that should help
you get started.

1. Go to this page on a squidoo lens and read:
The Top 10 Reasons Why Most Aspiring Actors Never Make It!

2. This page has 7 steps
to get started including 23 benefits of taking acting classes.

3. - on how to choose an acting school.

4. About a resume: .
There you'll find 10 things you need to know that will help you create a resume.

5. How to write a cover letter:

6. With regard to headshots, part of your answer you will already have if you read
the squidoo lens article about The Top 10 Reasons... . For the rest of the answer,
I'd like to you go read an interview I did with a Hollywood Acting Coach. See what
he says about headshots. You'll find it about half way down this page link:

7. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to make sure you get the headshots
you want, choosing a photographer, etc.

8. What to do after you have some experience and have headshots?

Ashley, that should get you well on your way to your dream of becoming an actress.

By the way, when I talk about studying the industry, I mean researching some of the links
you will find on this page:

If you sit down and go through this 'mini course' that I have outlined for you, I'm sure you
will make progress. You must be diligent though.

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