Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Question: I was wondering what traits do actors possess?

Traits that successful actors possess?

Passion/love for acting more than anything else.
A certain degree of talent to start with.
Drive and determination.

Talent: You must have a certain degree of talent as a base.

Business smarts. (most actors don't realize that
if you want an acting career, you have to learn how
to run your own business. You have a product to
sell and that product is you!

Creativity: to come up with different ways to
promote yourself and get recognition.
Motivation: rejection can be a back breaker if you
are not prepared for it. You also need to keep yourself
motivated each and every day to do what's necessary
to succeed.

Planning ability: you need to be able to plan for your
success to make sure you stay on track towards
your success.

Knowledge of yourself: You must know yourself inside and out! Many actors
don't and that is why they make the wrong decisons
about their careers and consequently don't get a lot
of work.

Vision: You MUST have a clear idea of what kind of career you
want. It's crucial. Like I said in the page I sent
you to today (I hope you got the e-mail), if you are
specific about what you want, it will be a lot easier to
get it! Wanting to be an actor in itself is not specific

All these things are in my book Acting Career Start-Up.
The website has a lot of information on it that can help
an actor be successful. The book will teach you how
to apply those things and to optimize your efforts.
It will give you a personalized plan by the time you
finish it.

Oh! It helps if you have enough money coming in from
a passive or residual stream of income, that will allow
you the flexibility to focus as much as possible on
your career.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any
more questions. I'll do my best to be quicker at answering them.


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