Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Question: What's the best way to get discovered?


The best way to get discovered is to POSITION yourself to get discovered.
Train. Train. Train.
See if you have the talent.
Develop your networking and business skills. (One of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make is underestimating their importance. It could have you end up with most aspiring actors that never, ever make it!)
Be determined, patient, persevering, inquisitive, PASSIONATE.
Make sure you create a circle of friends who can help you, encourage you, give you tips, mentor you, help you along, whom you can model after.
Don't believe the hype, that all you need is a good look and your natural, God-given talent and that taking acting classes isn't so important. Get someone to tell you those things who is qualified, like your acting teacher for example.

First thing?

Take some classes and start training.
If you worry too much about getting discovered, it'll probably never happen.

Remember, it's not about who you know.
It's not about who knows you.
It's all about who WANTS to know you.

Make sure you do something that is so different and so unique that you make people WANT TO KNOW YOU.
Otherwise, you'll be just one of the crowd.

Have a look at this page on my site for new and aspiring actors. It has lots of links to pages that have to do with different aspects of starting an acting career. .
It might also help you to figure out how to make this happen with what you called your "crazy life."

Good luck!


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