Friday, March 21, 2008

Question: I dont know what to do to get started in acting.

Ive always wanted to be an actor. Like an actor in movies, and I always wanted to give that a good shot and if I fail at least i would know...but I want to be a doctor if not an actor...but by the time I graduate medical school I'll be like 30....and I don't know how I could try acting at such an old age...=( Most big actors start while they are I just don't know what to do..whether to give up on acting...cause i need to go to medical school, if I would do acting I would need a fall through...but I almost feel like acting would be a pointless endeavor...basically I'm asking, would be pointless under the circumstances to try to be an actor?


... if you read your question again to yourself, you just might find the answer in it. It sounds to me like you have already decided what you need to do.

One important question to ask yourself once you decide whether or not to start an acting career is whether you chose acting or whether acting chose you.

In your question it sounds like you are choosing acting, but that wanting to become a doctor has chosen you.

What I mean by something choosing you is that you just feel that it is something you MUST do. You can't not do it! You simply have to do it! That's the way it seems that med school is for you. It doesn't seem like acting has that power over you. In the long run you will be happiest doing something you are passionate about, something you really love.

To help, go through this exercise on my website for new and aspiring actors. It will help you clarify your goals. On this page link you will find a series of goal questions and then a link to other questions. This is just for starters, but my hope is that you will begin to understand why you want what you want. Once you clarify that (and it will probably take some time-in other words, don't think you will just read that page once and then it will be settled. My advice is to continue to ask yourself those and other questions until you feel 100% sure of what you want.) you will be at peace with yourself and with your decision. Here's the link:

You can also take those questions and adapt them to your medical career as well.

Good luck in your future.


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