Friday, February 29, 2008

Question: What is the very first thing that i have to do if i want to be a child actress and i have some experience with working in front of a camera?


With regard to your question, first of all you must be more specific about what
KIND of child actress you want to be. Have a look at this page on my site. At
some point you will have to decide which kind of acting career you want:

Then, the first things I would do are these:
1) talk to some working actors and see what it's like to be an actor.
See what actors do before they get to television or the big screen.
See what it's like looking for work and the types of things you have to do:

2) Get into a good acting class with a good teacher. on the benefits of taking classes. on how to choose the right school for you. This is an interview with a Hollywood acting teacher. I asked him how you know if a school is the right one for you. His answer you will find about half way down that page.

3) While you are going to class (and you should be doing that all throughout your career),
you should figure out your type and then study the industry.
To find information about how to figure out what your type is, check out my blog: .
To know the types of things you need to know about the industry, study the links
you see on this page:

And that should be all you need at the moment!

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